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Power 26-104
Power 05 high

Good. Better. Power 26-104. You can rely on this lithium battery. Always. In every case. Its unique intelligence is reflected in a comprehensive protection concept against short circuits, overloads, deep discharge and wrong polarity. And its performance couldn’t be better: 2,685 Wh for only 55 lbs battery weight (48.7 Wh/lbs).

List Price
POWER 26-104 2.499,00 € incl. VAT
Main Features

And the safety standard of this high performance battery? Unbeatable: safe battery chemistry, precise and clean production processes on the part of the cell manufacturer (made in Japan), steel-cylinder cell housing with 4 hardware safety mechanisms for each of the 336 cells, and leading-edge electronic battery management system. With these high quality standards, you can do what you want on the water (and not only there) with the Power 26-104. As it is designed for marine use this battery is completely waterproof (IP67) and in case of flooding, the voltage is shut off from the poles to prevent electrolytic corrosion and the formation of explosive gas.

And the best part: the Power 26-104 comes at an extremely competitive price. It’s only $ 0.97 per Wh – that is probably the best price in the world for a branded Lithium battery. Compare it for yourself.

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